What Users Are Saying

" I do find myself needing to rent extra office space from time to time during the week. I used to rent hourly in a midtown location but their space does not compare to Brooklyn Hourly Offices. These offices are clean, beautiful, and exude warmth. All important factors for my clients to feel they are in a safe space as they share their stories. I have been working in private practice for a few years, and this is by far my favorite location! Deborah has been so accommodating and helpful! I would definitely recommend this space to anyone looking for a beautiful office to use!" Nancy Perez, LCSW

" I began using the space because I wanted to expand my psychotherapy practice to Brooklyn and work closer to home. I love that the space is simple, comfortable, professional, and inviting to my clients. I also love how convenient and easy it is to schedule hourly rentals via the online system. I would absolutely recommend Brooklyn Hourly Offices to colleagues of mine who are starting their practices or looking to expand their practices to Brooklyn. Having the option of renting hourly without the overhead of a rental agreement or sublease is a huge relief and so helpful when taking the plunge into private practice." Jen P,  Licensed Psychotherapist

" I booked space through Brooklyn Hourly Offices because I was not interested in renting a full time space and wanted the flexibility to be able to decide what hours would work best for my schedule in my psychotherapy practice. I love that the offices are: centrally located in downtown Brooklyn, with access to many trains. It is a peaceful, serene and comfortable office. It is Well lit and simply and tastefully decorated.  I would absolutely recommend Brooklyn Hourly Offices to my colleagues and friends. This is the perfect space for people just starting a practice and/or who need flexibility and ease of scheduling." -Kimberly Hertz

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